Our Philosophy

We believe in treating each customer home, apartment, or other

site as if it were our own, and it shows

in our workmanship. Integrity is our #1 asset, and our

name says it all.

Our Mission

To offer exceptional value to our clients

by providing the best house cleaning available anywhere,

and by keeping 100% customer satisfaction and to build on that value by taking exceptional care of

our technicians and treating them fairly.

Attention to Detail NW started back in 1979 with a small, dedicated team doing cleanup at a construction site. Our first job was in a small, 900 square foot rambler. The job superintendent asked us if we knew how to clean and I looked him right in the eyes and truthfully said, “Yes.”

How hard could it be? We were a new company and wanted to make sure a great job was done on our very first project. We made sure to be quite particular about every square foot of that project and we were...so much so that it took us seven hours to make that little rambler immaculate.  For good measure, we even called on a family friend to come by and help us vacuum! We still have a good laugh today about how embarrassed we were to walk out and see the puzzled look on the superintendent’s face!  He was probably thinking "What on earth could they have been doing all that time?"

It's been 40 years since that first job and Attention to Detail NW still enjoys providing cleaning services that make people happy! We make sure that each new employee that we hire at Attention to Detail NW is trained to the highest standards. We believe in maintaining consistency and keeping up with providing you, our beloved customers, with nothing less than quality service.

Attention to Detail NW is a personable, independently owned, and Eco-friendly cleaning business. The secret to our success is our team and our high customer service standards. Our cleaning technicians are experienced and expertly trained with an eye for detail. In this respect, we pride ourselves on living up to our company name.  To maintain our high standards, we embrace and follow through on a rigorous hiring process and thorough background check for new hires. We have also adopted and enforce a non-smoking policy for our company.

The goal of Attention to Detail NW is to be your go-to cleaning services company.  Some of our offerings include: house cleaning, apartment/condo cleaning, new construction cleaning, post construction cleaning, remodeling clean up, move in/move out cleaning, rental or Air B&B cleaning, party cleaning, house sitting, organizing services, and pet sitting. We take care of these details so you have more time to spend with family and friends.​

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